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Welcome to eReturned! We are changing the way people find their lost items. We are helping your lost valuables find you with our unique item identifier that allows people to safely and securely return your lost items. See how it works here. Our goal is to help everyone get their lost belongings back in the safest way possible. No need for subscriptions, batteries or complex technology... just eReturned!

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Key Features


Unlike other, similar devices, eReturned requires no batteries, which means you never have to replace, renew or recharge your tags.


Despite being made from ultra-durable titanium, our devices are also incredibly light weight, and can be attached to any keychain, wallet, bag or purse.


Our service is completely anonymous, so if a stranger finds a lost item, they cannot trace it back to you, or put your home or safety at risk.


Our service can be used in a number of ways. Not only can you protect phones, wallets, keys, bags or purses - you can also protect smaller items that cannot have a keyring attached to it.


Unlike competing devices, our devices are eco-friendly and have an ultra-low carbon footprint. All of our devices are manufactured in the USA.


While normally more technology is touted as a good thing, our devices are intentionally low-tech. This means your tag will always work, no matter where you are, forever.

eReturned Tag eReturned Tag

How It Works

Step 1:

Purchase one or several tags through our website, or Amazon.

Step 2:

Register your tags by clicking here.

Step 3:

Put your tag on whatever you like. A bag, a purse, a wallet, a phone, a keychain - you name it.

Step 4:

We hope it never happens - but in the event that you lose your item, the person who finds it simply needs to call or text the number on the back of your tag.

Step 5:

We collect information on where the item can be found, and contact you to let you know where it can be claimed.