Why would I buy an eReturned tag over other popular lost & found devices on the market?

There are several advantages to using eReturned over other similar services on the market. Unlike other devices, our device is battery-free, which means you never have to worry about replacing batteries or charging your tag. Additionally, our device is lighter, more durable, and a less expensive alternative to other devices on the market.

What if somebody finds my item, but just doesn't return it?

eReturned is not necessarily meant to be a 100% guarantee that you will get your lost item back. It simply increases the chances of it. Without an eReturned device, the chances of you finding a lost item becomes very slim. With eReturned however, the odds increase exponentially. Additionally, we have found that the vast majority of people are willing to put forth effort to return found items to their original owners. Our product has seen about a 90% return rate.

Meeting up with strangers to get my lost stuff back seems dangerous.

We agree. With our custom return process, we handle getting the device to a safe location, so that you can reclaim it safely, without a stranger knowing your name, phone number, or address.

Why couldn't I just put a little sticker on my items that says "If Found, Please Call ###-###-####"?

Ultimately, it comes down to security. If a stranger finds your keys, you most likely do not want them also to know where you live, or where your car is located. eReturned provides an extra level of security, to keep your identity safe from whoever finds your lost item.

A friend gave me one of their old eReturned tags. Can I register the ID with my information?

Yes. To do so, please email us the tag ID, and your information, and we can reroute the tag to your name.